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  • Reading: The Return of the Tough Guy

    The revival of 30s hard-boiled fiction has trickled down to some fascinating minor works, including one--by the author of Lassie, Come Home--that seems especially appropriate in the 80s.
  • If You Need Help...

    An underfunded hot line is the only guide to confusing new welfare rules.
  • On TV: What's Going on in Twin Peaks?

    Aren't stories like sex? Didn't you want to delay the climax a little longer? Is that gum you like coming back in style?
  • The Treatment

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  • Reading: After the Bloom Boom

    Reconsidering The Closing of the American Mind: Why did so many readers latch on to the crotchety complaints of an obscure elitist?
  • The Treatment

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  • Body Count

    A former City News foot soldier looks back on the battle.
  • Can Shame Stop the Games?

    Some folks think a city that hasn't resolved its history of police torture shouldn't get to host the Olympics.
  • Sexual Conquests

    White man, brown woman: William T. Vollman boils American history down to an essential inequality.
  • Environment: No Deposit, No Return

    A bottle-deposit bill now before the City Council would clean up the parks, reduce solid waste, and dramatically increase the recycling of glass containers. Of course it's in for a fight.