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  • First Person: Just Say No?

    My brother would laugh hysterically at all this antidrug hoopla. I wish he were alive to see it.
  • Reading: A Groupie's Claim to Fame

    Alongside the vicarious thrill of a fan's passion and the titillation of backstage sex, Pamela Des Barres's updated confession offers something quite frightening.
  • Reading: The Last American War Hero

    Audie Murphy was sort of a Ronald Reagan in reverse--a genuine hero whose stature was diminished by the illusion-making power of Hollywood.
  • The Press: Averting Our Gays

    Do all gays and lesbians really live alone and unloved? Do they really die young of "long illness"? Isn't it time for the obit writers to end their lies?
  • Being Andy Kaufman

    He seems to be everywhere these days. So why is he still so hard to find?
  • Reading: The Real Neal Cassady

    The nurturing lover and the wild-eyed cowboy of the highway were two parts of the same whole, even if he never found a way to fuse them.
  • A Study in Contrasts

    A Wilmette middle school spends more than $14,000 per kid; Chicago gets ready to dole out $65 million to developers.
  • Frank Kruesi Doesn't Do Diplomacy

    That offer of cheap bus fuel from Hugo Chavez might have gone over a lot better if Kruesi had mentioned it to anyone else at the CTA.
  • First Person: The Trip to Wahoo

    From the age of five I was dispatched to Nebraska each summer with a huge corsage pinned to my dress. My life meshed with my odd relatives and I became part of their web of intrigue.
  • Dial M for Motherfucker

    With its Swearline, the arts collective Lucky Pierre found that if you invite people to curse, the abuse will pour in.
  • There It Is, Right on Page 19

    Almost all the vendors who got paid out of the Pilsen TIF last year are donors to the Daley and Solis campaigns.