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  • A Mining Tragedy

    Miners from around the country come to Chicago doctor Bob Cohen for help getting coal companies to pay black lung benefits. And though the disease is preventable, he can only expect to get busier.
  • A Ministry of Music

    If music has the power to save men's souls, Paul Manz is one of the country's great preachers.
  • A More Perfect Union

    A local union faces obliteration--not by owners or management, but by a competing union out to win its disgruntled members.
  • A Most Dangerous Method

    Early in his career therapist Alan Jacobs admired the ideas of Transactional Analysis guru Jacqui Lee Schiff. In the years since, he's come to see in her extreme practices echoes of the authoritarianism that created the Third Reich.
  • A Mother's Rage

    What's the appropriate way to behave after your daughter has been murdered? Marsha Norskog wants to know.
  • A Neo-Futurist Never Looks Back

    After a painful divorce and a three-year hiatus, the creator of the long-running Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind is recharged and looking to expand the franchise.
  • A Philosopher's Life

    Irving Thalberg Jr., born rich of Hollywood royalty, chose a low profile and a life of the mind.
  • A Piece of Lakefront

    The state has agreed to sell 30 acres of lakebed to Loyola University for a campus-expanding landfill. Some say it's a good deal for everyone. Others say it's a blatant betrayal of the public trust.
  • A Piece of the Crop

    Subscription farming connects city dwellers to the land and to a supply of fresh, locally grown organic produce. Can it work on a large scale?
  • A Plant Dies in Cragin

    And skilled laborers give way to retail clerks, as Chicago changes from the city that works to the city that shops.
  • A Question of Balance

    Students in the National Ironworkers Training Program for American Indians have one foot in their tribal past and one foot in the middle class. Sometimes they don't know which way to lean.
  • A Radical Woman

    The Life and Labors of Mollie West
  • A Rat's Tale

    Eugene Hawes told a story that put three men in jail for five and a half years. Two other people remain in prison. Hawes told a story about them too.