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  • A Dumb Deal

    How many Daley administration officials did it take to screw up the Commonwealth Edison contract? Can City Council undo the damage?
  • A Fast Woman

    Divorce makes some women want to cut their hair or lose weight. It made Juliann Pokorny want to drive through cones at 70 miles per hour.
  • A Fine Mess

    Last year housing court judge Arthur Rosenblum fined landlords and property managers $1,291,306. Not one penny was collected. This year he's trying something new.
  • A Fire in the Family

    Laverne Williams, 19, died in a fire in her west-side apartment on January 27. She saved her son Derrick, 3, and her daughter Delina, 1, before succumbing. She is survived by her mother Glo, her twin sister Lavette, and a large extended family that will h
  • A Fling and a Prayer

    These Parts/Salmon Snagging in Ludington, MI: None Dare Call it Fishing
  • A Giant Peach
  • A Giant Peach

    James Kennedy's 400-page fantasy is the sort of young adult fiction that adults of all ages can get lost in.
  • A Growing Market

    As demand grows, farmers and distributors are going organic.
  • A Hell of a Deal

    His job is to prosecute criminals. But if the criminals are cops, state's attorney Dick Devine doesn't want to hear about it. Now, with Devine offering inmates freedom to drop claims of torture, defense attorneys suggest a prosecutor to go over his head.
  • A Jury of Whose Peers?

    Minority defendants, especially men, rarely see themselves reflected in the juries that try them. A proposed law could be the first step towards changing that in Illinois.
  • A Landmark Love Affair
  • A Landmark Love Affair

    How Giuseppe Burlando and Katrina Walker fell for, acquired, and lost Thalia Hall.
  • A Life of Crime

    At 76, Jim Rini looks back fondly on a career of theft, extortion, arson, and prison.
  • A Little Less Hope

    Why did Cook County Jail mysteriously close downa successful Christian rehabilitation progam?
  • A Little Secret about The Secret

    The best-selling self-help book Oprah's thrown her muscle behind appears to contain at least one fabrication.
  • A Long Way From Latvia

    The young women came to Chicago illegally, expecting lucrative employment as dancers. Instead they found themselves working as strippers, prisoners of the "Lunatic of Lincolnwood."