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  • Quien Es Less Macho

    Meet Ketty Teanga, mistress of ceremonies at Chicago's oldest Latino gay club.
  • Anhedonia Uber Alles

    Jerkstore and Texas Ballroom are no more, but the dirty party will go on.
  • Hitched to a Fallen Star

    New vaudevillians find inspiration in the wild and woolly story of Fatty Arbuckle.
  • "In Pakistan, She Would Be Dead"

    The needs of a little girl with cerebral palsy run up against Ashcroft's stringent new antiterrorism measures.
  • All Together Now

    North-side Asian-Americans put aside their differences for the sake of politics.
  • The Amazing Mr. Ash

    From bar gigs to bar mitzvahs, an old-school prestidigitator keeps the magic alive.
  • Rocker's Revenge

    Persistence pays off for Ike Reilly.
  • Battle Lines

    An unlikely coalition may wipe racist boundaries off the ward map.
  • Script Tease

    So you wanna be a screenwriter...
  • More Than Words Can Say

    The Language of Gestures, as Translated by U. of C. Psycholinguist David McNeill
  • Prison Drama

    The Geese Theatre Idea: If you can teach a hardened criminal how to act, maybe he can learn how to live.
  • Hollywood Shuffle

    How Robert Townsend Got a Good Part