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  • When Fun Is Work

    Taco mix and Saturday Night Live? C'mon people!
  • Fashion Weak

    The retarded Chihuahua may have been the highlight of my trip
  • Fear Itself

    Visiting John Wayne Gacy's old place seemed like a good idea until we got there.
  • The New Rules

    Where He's Not Just That Into You gets it right--and where it's as warped as any other Trixie dating handbook.
  • Cheap Mondays and Expensive Weekends

    If you're going to go all the way to New York for a pair of jeans, you might as well break 'em in right.
  • Where the Hell Is Everybody?

    Lonesome at the new South Union Arts space and the Hilton and Towers Bush protest
  • F the VIP Section

    Really important people never let themselves get roped off.
  • Fight the Future

    Bad mojo at the Healing Spirit Fair, a cool hunter's paradise at
  • Function in a New Form

    Shane Gabier's on the verge of a breakthrough with his demure, convertible fashions.
  • Thinking Inside the Box

    A little sensory deprivation helps the overstimulation go down.
  • The Immoderates

    Housewares magnate Jonathan Adler gives our heroine a taste of her own medicine. Plus: it stops being fashion when we can see your cootch.
  • All Yesterday's Parties

    Dearraindrop's show last week couldn't hold a candle to the last time they were in town. But then what could?
  • Friday Night Clampdown

    The police bust up the first big to-do at Jerkstore, a new Wicker Park loft space.
  • Lair Hopping

    A Garfield Park party and an unexpected detour
  • All This Useless Beauty

    On pink sunrises and moist orifices, the ridiculousness of fashion, and the Jessica Simpson of art genres