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  • The N-Word and How To Use It

    It's what blacks have always done since we hit America's shores: we take what's given us and we find a way to make it our own.
  • Lost Innocents

    When kidnapping threw our small town into a tailspin, I felt an odd guilt because I knew my own life was suspect.
  • Politics: The Welfare Fraud

    Whenever the subject of welfare arises, an eerie forgetfulness takes hold of politicians. Why doesn't anyone ever call them on it?
  • Cityscape: The Rise and Fall of Michigan Ave.

    Developers and merchants have always been the de facto planners of our major streets. They made North Michigan the spacious resort that it is, and they will preside over its destruction.
  • My Dinner With Charlie

    A night out at Trotter's famed restaurant reveals the gap between perfection and pleasure.
  • Reading: Why Don't Americans Vote?

    If more people voted, the argument goes, the nation might move toward the left. But if the left could find a way to move the nation, maybe more people would vote.
  • Reading: Back of the Yards

    Bloody, boozy, and blatantly political, it was in many ways the quintessential Chicago neighborhood.
  • Beast in the East

    In Moscow's Exile, hard news jumps in bed with misogyny and mayhem.
  • The Law: Cruelty to Animals

    Thirty days is the maximum penalty for cruelty to animals in Illinois. Here, as in every other state, pets are considered property.
  • Reading: Edward Abbey's Last Rant

    More extreme than ever, with no new social graces, the impolitic polemicist strikes a posthumous blow for Mother Earth.
  • Completely Mad

    Two new anthologies try to recapture the insurgent mania of Mad magazine's heyday.
  • Fat Chance

    A Farrelly brothers movie with a radically healthy attitude toward large women?