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  • Worlds Turned Upside Down

    Abelardo Morell shoots Chicago through room-size pinhole cameras.
  • And Then I Got Called a Pussy Faggot

    All the flak he's been catching for his inflammatory stamp art has persuaded Al Brandtner that he really is an artist.
  • How to Adopt a Coppola

    A Barrington Hills society matron bankrolls the black sheep of a cinema dynasty.
  • Twike Twouble

    It might not be street legal after all.
  • The Magic in the Magic Hedge

    Birders seeking birds and men seeking men cross paths in a springtime ritual at Montrose Point.
  • Drunk With Knowledge

    What you can learn during Whiskey Week is limited only by how much you can drink before you stop caring.
  • Aloha, Pigface

    How James Teitelbaum grew a tiki cottage industry on Martin Atkins's dime.
  • That's No Dog

    Coyotes and foxes are quietly moving into the city.
  • Adventures in Babysitting

    The last days of comedy legend Del Close, as told by his personal assistant.
  • Punx in the Park

    Where can a Canadian male feminist against fascism meet a nice nonracist skinhead girl?
  • Rock for the Rough Trade

    Jinx Titanic brings sweaty, hairy punk to a grateful Boys Town mob every month. Now they're gunning for a national TV audience.
  • She Just Wants to Wide

    The inaugural voyage of Illinois' first registered Twike.
  • Chasing the Half-Moon

    Bill Rossberger spent more than 30 years looking for Franklin D. Roosevelt's schooner. Last month he found it--sort of.
  • Outsider Hip-Hop

    Serengeti hasn't got a posse. And he's OK with that.
  • The Cubbalist

    Rabbi Byron Sherwin knows how to lift the Cubs' curse. But don't ask him to do it.