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Zak Mucha

  • The Man Who Drew The Matrix

    Geof Darrow, the artist best known for creating the look of the Wachowski brothers' breakthrough movie, is back in Chicago working on a new comic book series.
  • Kick 'Em Out and Keep 'Em Out

    Meet Rosanna Pulido, the face of the Minuteman Project in Illinois.
  • Big Black Monster

    Vassie Watts saw his life as a giant animal, plowing methodically ahead.
  • White Dirt

  • Which Side Are They On?

    Forget what you know about unions: the organizers I met were a bunch of snobs.
  • Blue Ink

    Cop-cum-novelist Mike Balck finds inspiration in the criminal mind.
  • The Grand Inquisitor

    Abused by a priest as a child, Tom Economus has channeled his anger into a crusade to force the church to confess its sins.
  • Can This Book Be Saved?

    Two crusaders set out to rescue an overlooked classic of European literature.
  • But Seriously...

    A cop who's seen it all reaches teens by lowering their guard.
  • Audience Appreciation

    Don De Grazia knows his readers.
  • Lord of the Ring

    Promoter Bobby Hitz fights to keep local boxing on its feet.
  • Giving Can Be Hard to Take

    How Jennifer Kihm and Lee Tracy built a free restaurant for Woodlawn's homeless
  • A Mother's Rage

    What's the appropriate way to behave after your daughter has been murdered? Marsha Norskog wants to know.
  • Izzi's Honor

    "I'm not what you'd call worldly. I don't want to go to Europe. I want to write good books, raise my kids, and live my life on my own terms, without kissing anyone's ass to do it."