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Mike Sula

Mike Sula 

I'm the Reader's lead restaurant critic and have been a contributor here since 1995. I've also written about politics, crime, film, health care, and paleontology, and have profiled a rainbow of urban eccentrics. My work has been published in in Harper's, the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, NPR's The Salt, Plate, and Eater, and my story about outlaw charcuterie appeared in Best Food Writing 2010. My story "Chicken of the Trees," about eating city squirrels, won the James Beard Foundation's 2013 M.F.K. Fisher Distinguished Writing Award.
  • The Carp Issue
  • The Carp Issue

    The threat, the science, the culinary solution
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  • The Culinary Solution
  • The Culinary Solution

    Figuring if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em, a local fishmonger surprises ten hotshot chefs with a delivery of Asian carp.
  • The Food Issue
  • The Food Issue

    Rare pigs, vexing cheese, heirloom grains, black pepper gelato, farming for the city, and the best new restaurants of 2009
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  • The Whole Hog Project
  • The Whole Hog Project

    The culmination of a year-and-a-half-long series in which an unrepentant omnivore comes face-to-face with his food
  • The Oyster Whisperer

    Drifting up the Pacific coast after a stint in the army, he fell in love with a bivalve and one thing led to another.
  • Atlantis Ho!

    David Hatcher Childress has traveled all over the globe in search of lost cities, but Kempton, Illinois, is where he has chosen to build his empire of the improbable.
  • A Badass to Bank On

    Josh Blaylock, the founder of Devil's Due comics, has known since day one that he'd need a hero who could make the leap to the big screen. Or heroine, as the case may be.
  • Playing Fireman

    What prompted Illinois to pass a law against impersonating emergency personnel? Meet the men of the Lost Creek Fire Company.
  • The Perfect Sting

    He had a cool plan for nabbing the guy who stole his car. But it required the cops to show a little interest.
  • The Vanishing Mother Lode of Mazon Creek

    One of the planet's best deposits of prehistoric fossils is getting trashed, and no one seems to care but a small group of fanatical collectors.
  • Monster Tales

  • You Can Get Milk From a Clone

    But will anyone want to drink it? A Wisconsin breeder is banking on it, and he's already replicating his beloved prizewinner.
  • 15 Candidates!

    We Can Help--The Reader's Guide to the Big Showdown
  • Collision Course

    Some big thinkers want to take team demolition derby into the big time, dressing it up for television and corporate sponsorships. The ugly ducklings of Team Havoc aren't helping much.