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Closeted/Out in the Quadrangles: A History of LGBTQ Life at the University of Chicago University of Chicago, Joseph Regenstein Library March 30
This exhibition recalls the history of LGBTQ life on the U. of C. campus through letters, academic papers, student newspaper articles, posters, oral history, and photographs. The opening night gala, which features the researchers behind the exhibit and some of the participants in the oral history, takes place on Wed 4/1, 6-8 PM.
Think you could come up with a drink that's good enough to be served at the Whistler? Welp, you missed your chance (sorry), but you can still taste the best of what your fellow non-bartenders concocted. »
Body Doubles Museum of Contemporary Art October 25
An exhibition highlighting the different ways in which artists explore the relationship between body and identity.
The Devil's Cabaret Redmoon Theater March 27
Redmoon pays tribute to Satan's societal contributions with this celebration of the seven deadly sins. The theater company's massive headquarters will host performances by aerialists, puppeteers, musicians, and "a special appearance by God." »
Railroaders: Jack Delano's Homefront Photography Chicago History Museum April 05
One of the standout images in "Railroaders: Jack Delano's Homefront Photography" is of a lone, faceless rail man—back to the camera, his all-denim outfit stamped with grime—as he leans over to throw a switch at Chicago's vast Proviso Yard, a couple dozen sets of vacant tracks stretching into the background. Then shot epitomizes the magnitude of Chicago's railway system in the mid-20th century, when its reputation as a crucial hub for the railroading industry was undeniable. »
Annoyance Film Night Annoyance Theatre March 01 1
Proving its expertise goes beyond live theater, the Annoyance kicks off a monthly movie night featuring screenings of local independent films. Tonight's lineup includes Harry Bauer's The Video Transmissions of the Frequently Captured Buck Pirate, Robert Carnilius's Forever Diamond and McTucky Fried High, and Gerard Jamroz's experimental short We Are the Binary.
Morning Glories Garfield Park Conservatory June 16
Bring the little ones to take part in workshops that’ll teach them all about Mother Nature.
Curio Show: Tabloids iO Theater, The Mission Theater March 31
Gossip mags provide the inspiration for this installment of the monthly variety show. Performers include author Katie Klein, improviser Dave Maher, and our very own tabloid enthusiast, Gwynedd Stuart.
European Union Film Festival Gene Siskel Film Center March 05
The films of 26 EU nations make their Chicago premieres at this year’s European Union Film Festival. Screenings include France's Li'l Quinquin, Hungary's White God, Spain's Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed, and Portugal's Horse Money.
Chicago Dance Month various locations March 28
Where? Everywhere. »
Richard Hunt Museum of Contemporary Art December 18
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, and several local institutions have mined their collections to recount the war's history, from its convoluted origins through its devastating aftermath. These include the Newberry Library, which uses newspapers and photographs from its archive to show the role Chicagoans played "over there," and the Art Institute, which highlighted the contributions of photographer Edward Steichen to, among other things, U.S. Army intelligence during the war. »
Fackbuddies Den Theatre September 27
Longtime Chicago improviser Dina Facklis's new training program Chicago Improv Den is a tricky souffle either on the verge of rising or deflating. Facklis, an ImprovOlympic alum, started the Den last March, partly to create a troupe with an especially sharp focus on ensemble and emotional exploration and partly because, unlike iO and Second City, where students have to wait in order to perform, she sees training and performance as going hand in hand. »
Maxwell Street Market Maxwell Street Market July 01
Do you enjoy chomping on a fresh churro while sifting through weathered tools, ball caps, and odds and ends? Of course you do.
No Light No Lycra Defibrillator September 16 1
"Dress comfortably, travel lightly, and bring water." And be sober. »
Party With a Purpose Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro March 31
The Chicago Writers Conference hosts its annual scholarship benefit that includes drinks, snacks, a silent auction, and a reading of bad poetry created by the "CWC Promptenator 3000." Featured readers include Monica Eng (WBEZ), Tasha Robinson (The Dissolve), Pat Byrnes (The New Yorker, Captain Dad), and James Kennedy (The Order of Odd-Fish).
A l’ouest Johalla Projects March 13
Local photographer (and Reader contributor) Marzena Abrahamik presents new work in her first solo show at Johalla Projects.
The Book of Mormon Bank of America Theatre February 25
Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Broadway musical returns to Chicago to convert us all. When it first came through town Reader theater critic Tony Adler wrote, "A wise mix of nasty satire and compassionate truth telling, Parker, Stone, and [Robert] Lopez's tale of Mormon missionaries in Uganda is as entertaining—and, strangely, uplifting—a piece of work as anything in recent American theater."
Doris Salcedo Retrospective Museum of Contemporary Art February 21
Politically imbued and embedded in Colombia's extensive history of civil conflicts, Doris Salcedo's sculptures and installations focus distinctly on addressing experiences within a third-world identity and in the artist's words, "[attempt] to give back the sense, meaning, and form that violence took away from its victims." Salcedo takes commonplace materials and positions them in a sensitive and emblematic context: methodically piled crisp white shirts pierced by steel bars, wooden chairs dangling precariously from a government building. »
Richard Nelson's Apple Family plays center on four adult siblings and their elderly Uncle Benjamin. In That Hopey Changey Thing, the family gathers for dinner on Election Day 2010; Sorry takes place two years later, on the day Benjamin is to be checked into a retirement home. »
Dose Market Chop Shop December 08
A weekly market featuring local food, fashion, and art vendors.

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