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Rhinofest Prop Thtr January 16
The Rhinoceros Theater Festival is billed as "Chicago's longest running fringe festival," but last year's edition took a different tack from the 27 before it. Or seemed to, anyway. »
Poor Jim Lehrer. Like those hapless souls in horror movies who somehow catch Satan's eye, the distinguished former PBS news anchor has stumbled into Mickle Maher's sights. »
If You Remember, I'll Remember Northwestern University Block Museum of Art February 04
A collection of historical documents, photographs, sound recordings, and more examining war, internment, resistance, and civil rights movements in 19th- and 20th-century America. Opening reception Sat 2/4, 10 AM-4 PM.
Riot Grrrls Museum of Contemporary Art December 17
My youngest sister moved to Chicago two years ago to study painting at Columbia College. As she develops her aesthetic, she's been looking to both art history and contemporary pieces for inspiration. »
Maxwell Street Market Maxwell Street Market July 01
Do you enjoy chomping on a fresh churro while sifting through weathered tools, ball caps, and odds and ends? Of course you do.
Chicago Underground Comedy Beat Kitchen August 26
A showcase.
Art AIDS America Chicago Alphawood Gallery December 15
A shuttered branch of MB Financial Bank sits on the northeast corner of Fullerton and Halsted. It's a bland, corporate, auburn brick building with rectangular aquamarine glass windows that's unmistakably a dispiriting white-collar business. »
I Shit You Not! Logan May 30
Local comedians and monologists share personal stories of inadvertent defecation. Michael Sanchez and Monte LeMonte host.
Kader Attia: Reflecting Memory Northwestern University Block Museum of Art January 21
What does it mean to "fix" something? If a bond—physical, social, psychological—is broken, can it ever truly be reconnected? »
Supplements, Models, Prototypes Corbett vs. Dempsey February 03
A solo exhibit of Christopher Williams's photographs. Opening reception Fri 2/3, 6-8 PM.
Uptown Poetry Slam Green Mill July 10
Featuring open mike, special guests, and end-of-the-night competition.
The sole character in Glen Berger's one-act, an anxious and depressed librarian played by Darren Hill, is something of a dramatic one-man band. He wears a mike and speaker around his neck, fumbles around setting up the only props (a projector screen and piece of brown paper), then furiously clicks through slides as he relays his obsessive search for the borrower of a book that's 113 years overdue. »
Lee Fields & the Expressions Thalia Hall February 28
Architect and writer Vladimir Belogolovsky curated this exhibit exploring the purpose of architecture through text, audio recordings, images, and projections.
Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno Second City E.T.C. January 19
In the weeks and now days leading up to the inauguration, it seems like the jokes about Trump and the current state of our political climate are basically writing themselves. Between rumors of golden showers and the president-elect's meeting with Steve Harvey, it sometimes feels as if we're all living in one long political sketch. »
Kapwani Kiwani: The Sum and Its Parts Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts January 20
The first American solo exhibition for Paris-based artist Kapwani Kiwani. Opening reception Fri 1/20, 6-8 PM.
Tattoo Field Museum October 21
Is tattooing an art form? Answers vary. »
Lincoln's Undying Words Chicago History Museum April 14
The Chicago History Museum presents an exclusive look at some of Abraham Lincoln's most famous speeches and the cultural impact they have today.
Withered, Immortal Bird, Varaha Empty Bottle February 28

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