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Friday, December 9, 2011

Today's marijuana lesson comes from New York City

Posted By on 12.09.11 at 06:00 PM

Check this out: the fastest way to lessen the astounding costs of pot busts might be to get the police to stop making them.

The latest evidence for this oddly logical approach comes wafting out of New York City, where arrests have dropped since the police chief ordered cops to change the ways they handle people caught with pot.

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Cooking with cannabis: boat noodles

Posted By on 12.09.11 at 01:00 PM

Spoons boat noodles. Perfectly legal.
From Alice B. Toklas brownies to the contraband delights of the Muffin Lady, culinary applications for marijuana tend to be more about creating a palatable delivery vehicle for an intoxicating but irredeemably pungent ingredient rather than showcasing the flavor on its own terms. There's a reason they call it grass.

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Why are blacks busted more often for pot?

Posted By on 12.09.11 at 08:00 AM

  • David Long
Last week, in a discussion of Mick Dumke's and Ben Joravsky's "politics of pot" story, a commenter posed an important question:

Do we have any percentages for the circumstances under which people were arrested for possession? I know the apologists claim that the high percentages of blacks in the system are due to street dealing or open consumption/display, but it would be informative to see how many people were arrested in their homes, driving, walking down the street, etc., when it didn't directly involve a sale.... Seems to me if the cops are searching an inordinate number of vehicles driven by black men or just black guys walking around, those are the people who are going to get locked up.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Reader poll on legalizing reefer—and not one word about Mayor Rahm

Posted By on 12.08.11 at 08:00 AM

To celebrate Weed Week at the Reader, I've been taking a survey: Do you favor the legalization of marijuana?

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eating Under the Influence: kimchi-bulgogi omelet

Posted By on 12.07.11 at 08:00 AM

Susie Lee of Noon Hour Grill
Two days ago, in honor of Weed Week on the Bleader, food writer Mike Sula started up a series documenting dishes best consumed while under the influence (or recovering from such) with a post on the platillo nopal loco at El Gallo Bravo. I haven't had a hangover in ages—I guess I drink just enough bourbon to inoculate myself—but if I were to, I know where I'd head: tiny Noon Hour Grill. A Reader pick for Best One-Woman Kitchen in this year's Best of Chicago, Noon Hour Grill (or Grandma's, as we call it), is a Rogers Park favorite whether for straight-ahead breakfasts like a Denver omelet or for bi bim bop, but it's her hybrid creations that I find most restorative. As noted in the Best of blurb, her omelet with kimchi, bulgogi, and American cheese is phenomenal, gooey with cheese cut by the spicy meat and pickled cabbage. Served with hash browns, it could lay any crudo to waste, if nothing else, by the nap you'll require afterward.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The five best stoner records of the year

Posted By on 12.06.11 at 08:00 AM

Clams Casino
2011 will long be remembered by stoners for two crucial reasons: Ancient Aliens coming to Netflix Instant, thereby perfecting the act of getting blazed and sitting on your couch watching dumb shit on TV, and Trader Joes' introduction of their Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, which is the perfect food accompaniment to doing so. It was also, for the 96th straight year running, a good year for dope-smoking pop music fans.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Starting today on the Bleader: Weed Week

Posted By on 12.05.11 at 04:20 PM

Today begins round three of our new blog feature "Variations on a Theme," in which we devote digital ink to a topic that fascinates us. This week, it's weed.

Every weekday morning and at various points throughout the week, Reader staffers will produce a post—a personal essay, a longer-form reported story, a photo gallery, or something more off-the-wall—on the week's theme.

We've already devoted plenty of ink to the topic of marijuana—most recently Mick Dumke and Ben Joravsky's "The politics of pot," which explores politicians' reluctance to decriminalize pot possession.

But there's no such thing as marijuana overkill. And so we begin Weed Week with Mick Dumke's post on Father Michael Pfleger, a pro-pot-decriminalization priest. Check back each day for more weed-related posts.

And in case you missed it, here's a handy compendium of the two prior installments of Variations on a Theme: Architecture Week and Vegetarian Week.

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Eating Under the Influence: platillo nopal loco

Posted By on 12.05.11 at 02:00 PM

Los Gallo Bravos crazy cactus plate
In honor of Weed Week, I'm going to inaugurate an occasional series of posts documenting dishes best consumed while intoxicated or while recovering from altered states of consciousness. Pick your poison, but in most cases—as with the infamous Slinger, or Polk & Western Hot Dogs' abominable french fry sandwich—no one should eat these things without immoderate chemical input.

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Father Pfleger: end the pot possession busts!

Posted By on 12.05.11 at 08:00 AM

Father Pfleger
  • Father Pfleger
Father Michael Pfleger has been railing against drugs and violence—and generating headlines—since the 1970s. A white priest serving an African-American parish, he's never shied from the spotlight, especially when he's got the chance to talk about race and racism. He also happens to do an astounding Hillary Clinton impression.

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