Friday, May 28, 2010

Good News, Maybe, for Shared-Use Kitchens

Posted By on 05.28.10 at 01:40 PM

While everyone's aflutter over food trucks, another ordinance is in the works that just maybe could someday make it easier for existing small food start-ups to stay on track.

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Dinner & a Show: Friday 5/28

Posted By on 05.28.10 at 01:19 PM


  • Will Haddad
  • Shondes
Show: Shondes Between their feminist/gender-queer pedigree and Louisa Solomon's vocals, it's been pretty easy so far to draw a straight line from NYC quartet the Shondes to Sleater-Kinney. Their new sophomore album, My Dear One (Fanatic), however, shows them figuring out their own angular way.

10 PM, Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, 773-525-2508, $8, 18+.

Dinner: Sushi Mura Proximity to the Music Box helps keep this traditional Japanese restaurant full, and the clean, attractive room doesn’t hurt either. Sitting at the sushi bar is a fun way to study the art of maki rolling—the skillful chefs make a broad variety, from salmon skin with cucumber to more elaborate dragon and rainbow rolls.

3647 N. Southport Ave., 773-281-9155,

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The What/Wet/Whet/White Mayor

Posted By on 05.28.10 at 10:03 AM

I was only 9 years old and living in Virginia, but Mayor Daley already knew I'm going places. Watch out, Rahm.

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Morning Art: Emilie Halpern

Posted By on 05.28.10 at 08:21 AM

Apollo, by Emilie Halpern, part of Uncover, Discover, Discard, a group show opening Sat 5/29, 6-9 PM, at Golden Age, 1744 W. 18th, 312-850-2574.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mayor Daley Shoots Down More Questions About Guns Without Answering Them

Posted By on 05.27.10 at 08:08 PM

You can say this about the mayor: he’s sticking to his guns.

More precisely, he’s sticking to his contention that Chicago’s crime problems are rooted in easy access to guns, which is why the city needs to ban them, even though the city already bans them, but at least there’s a parade this weekend. And by the way, there are bad people who live in the suburbs too, and some of them are causing problems in Chicago.

This is what we learned at Mayor Daley's latest press conference on public safety. The line of thinking might be a little confusing unless you understand that he isn’t trying to talk straight. Then it makes perfect sense.

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For Traffic Nerds

Posted By on 05.27.10 at 06:49 PM

Two things, not of immediate local importance, but maybe someday....

* Matthew Yglesias on contraflow bike lanes. No idea whether that's a good idea; interesting discussion in comments. (h/t Tfas)

* Felix Salmon on energy analyst and traffic expert Charles Komanoff, who's developed an epic breakdown of NYC transportation that can be used to analyze how fees and fares would effect congestion.

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Further Experiments in Journalism: Upper Midwest Local Journalism Center

Posted By on 05.27.10 at 06:29 PM

In this week's issue, Michael Miner checks in on two new approaches to funding journalism—or old models in new places—The Bay Citizen and the Chicago News Cooperative. There's a new program ramping up, though, that's really caught my eye: the Upper Midwest Local Journalism Center. It's an interesting idea—one small news office, focused on one issue (broadly speaking—the Rust Belt/upper midwestern economy in the 21st century), while funded by multiple partners (including WBEZ) and making content for multiple platforms. Today it was announced that Micheline Maynard, a business reporter and NYT vet whose recent beats have focused on the airline and automotive industries, will be heading up the center out of Chicago. And they appear to be hiring.

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To Do Tonight: Hot Smoke & Mini Skirts at Beauty Bar

Posted By on 05.27.10 at 04:39 PM

Tonight DJ Drase and DJ ByLamplight—aka Plustapes/Addenda Records proprietors and CHIRP volunteers Dustin Drase and Kumar McMillan—will be spinning what they call "garage and funk crossover," a mix of vintage sounds that spans the soulful and the psychedelic. The inspiration came from a DJ gig McMillan did where the crowd went nuts over his garage cuts and cooled down when he played soul, a surprising reversal for a town where the lines for certain soul nights sometimes stretch down the block.

There's no cover, and the first 25 people through the door will get a mix CD of garage rarities, which you can sample here. Music starts at 10 PM.

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Opinons: About, Like Assholes

Posted By on 05.27.10 at 04:38 PM

Everyone's got a take on the mayor going thug like Pac on Mick Dumke, from Neil Steinberg to, apparently, South Koreans. John Kass has a good take, but my favorite comment came from a colleague: "All I know is that if so many people were talking about my butt I would be in therapy right now."

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This Week in the Reader's Music Section

Posted By on 05.27.10 at 04:29 PM

This week Gossip Wolf's got gossip on the Gossip (or at least their guitarist) and the details on how much Apple Bottoms stuff you need to buy to meet Nelly, Stewart Voegtlin reviews Rangda, the new project from Ben Chasny of Six Organs of Admittance, I've got the story on the local label people opening new record stores in Logan Square, the Photo Pit takes us to the opening of indie-rock season at Millennium Park with the Ponys and the Besnard Lakes, the List recommends upcoming shows by Andre Williams, Erykah Badu, Bird Talk, and more, and our Summer Guide to Chicago runs down the city's many music festivals.


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